WTF….is the hurry :-(

August 18th, 2011

Life isn’t always fun and games and neither is World of Warcraft. There are just some things that can really get on my nerves. I’m not really a hardcore raider. I have been on raids plenty when we where in icy cold Northrend, but since cataclysm hit us, I’m still on cooldown. It can be a while till I’m up again to. I love the new territories, quests and all that comes around it. I definitely love the new dungeons, where it became more important to works together and think things thru before running head-on through a dungeon.  The WOTLK-dungeon, where just about running in, killing this that are in are in your way and then you are done.
At the beginning Cata-dungeons, appeared that much harder, but now……..
A lot of people that come in a dungeon seem to be in a hurry again :-( They run in start hitting things and want to be out there in 5 minutes if they could just make it happen. Yelling all the way that the dps/tanking or healing is to low.


Why is it that they are in such a hurry? Is there a train to catch? Is dinner getting cold? Do they need to be in bed already? I don’t get it. I find playing the game fun, and one of the most fun parts for me are (or can be) the dungeons. Strangers come together for a common goal. I don’t what it to be over as quickly as possible. I wanna enjoy the ride. Kill them all and…..loot them all :-P

Maybe I’m just the strange and funny one B-)

For The Horde!!!

August 11th, 2011

After several goodnight sleeping on it, i’ve finaly made my move. Lets look at how the other part of the game looks. i have flirted with the horde quite a few times but never anything serious. now i have gone all out!
My big blue female draenei, changed in a matter of minutes to a tiny green female goblin.

I never really felt a deep love for my draenei shaman, i liked the shaman part well enough, but when i looked at the movements, jumping and running of the draenei if always felt a bit awkward. She is big enough but still the arms and legs feel to long for the body.
The goblin does not have this problem for me. It was love at first sight. :D
Part of it will be because of the name, because along with the faction change i also changed the name.
The Draenei was know as Shamassi and it felt just as awkward as the draenei’s movement felt. Now my goblin is known as Kibibi, this means ‘Little lady’ in Swahili and though she may not be a real ‘Lady’ this chars definitly feels good to me. :-D



June 29th, 2011

2011 is al op de helft en wij zijn net terug – nou ja net, toch ook alweer 2 weken geleden – van Barcelona. Prachtige stad en ik kan het echt iedereen aanraden.

Ik heb dan ook heel wat foto’s gemaakt en je kunt ze allemaal bekijken op de foto pagina.

Foto’s pagina

Finaly! Ding Dong the King is Dead

November 1st, 2010

It feels like we have been trying for months and last night we i finaly got the achievement The Kingslayer!

How it began:

How it ends:

I am ready for cataclysme now!

Het gaat goed

September 8th, 2010

Zo… ik heb het bijna voor elkaar. De foto’s zijn weer terug, ook al zijn het wat minder albums. Ik vind het goed zo. De stekker kan bijna uit mijn webserver. Nog een paar dagen voor mijn eigen gevoel, heb wat moeite met loslaten :P .
De volgende missie is om de vakanties te updaten, maar er moeten nog wat verslagen uitgetypt worden, dus dat kan nog wel even duren.
Daarna wil ik nog een World of Warcraft pagina maken. Ik moet er nog even goed over nadenken hoe ik dat ga doen.

Maar kijk nu voor als maar eens naar mijn nieuwe foto pagina en laat me weten wat je ervan vind.